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The oil we produce comes exclusively from olives harvested in our company.

The oil is a blend deriving from Leccino, Frantoio, Ascolana, Pendolino and Sargano cultivars.

The harvest takes place directly from the plant during the veraison of the fruit, that is at the moment of the change of color of the olive in manual form or with the aid of mechanically operated combs but without the use of sagging products.

After harvesting, they are transformed into oil within 48 hours to guarantee the olive the maintenance of the initial degree of acidity and, to our oil, all the flavor of the freshly picked fruit. As was the case in ancient times, our olives are subjected to cold extraction with stone mills.


The oil is stored in perfectly clean stainless steel containers without the use of chemical detergents, kept in a cool environment away from light and heat sources.


According to the tastes it can be consumed immediately, for those who, connoisseurs, love the raw taste, or for the more delicate palates it can be left to settle in a natural way, letting it rest for a month.

Thanks to the extraction and conservation system we are sure that our oil preserves all the nutritional principles, all the qualities and all the flavor of a genuine and natural product. The oil that arrives on your tables is guaranteed to be the same that comes from our campaign.


The availability of the products of our farm depends on many factors such as the climatic conditions and the quantity of production for this at the moment there is no possibility to buy the products of our farm online.

Produzione Olio Biologico
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