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Tenuta Coste from Sun is the ideal base for those who enjoy hiking, mountain biking or just strolling along the trails of the mountains and hills. There are many opportunities for those looking for direct contact with nature , going to the discovery of paths immersed in nature , capable of giving visitors breathtaking views, leaving them free to breathe pure air, rich in the scents of herbs and flowers.

Tenuta Coste da Sole has prepared some services designed for those who wish to do physical activity in the open air.




It is possible to book trekking excursions with a local volunteer guide, in the nearby hills and mountain ranges (Sibillini Mountains). There are routes with different levels of difficulty, so it will be possible to use the guide even for simple walks. We remind our guests that some excursions can only be made with the right equipment, especially hiking boots. We also recommend that you bring trekking poles and clothing suitable for hiking in the high mountains - windproof jacket, rain jacket, microfleece or heavy sweatshirts, hat to protect yourself from the sun or cold depending on the season - it will then be useful to be provided with a backpack to bring snacks o dried fruit and water (most of the routes do not include equipped refreshment points).




  • Outdoor Fitness: all guests can use our outdoor gym.

  • Bike Rental: Our guests will have the opportunity to rent mountain bikes directly from us.

  • Mountain Bike Excursions: At our farm you can p renotare mountain biking in the nearby hills. There are different levels of difficulty based on the experience of the people who will participate in the exit.

  • Natural riding lessons for children

vacanza mountain bike
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